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Our Services
PREFER PANAMA is here to offer you:

  1. Low Fees:  Low fees for owners who wants to sell or rent their properties through PREFER PANAMA, usually less than 60% of  the normal comission charge by other real estate companies on the Panamenian market.  PREFER PANAMA is always willing to negotiate in favor of both parts, that means that will garantee a good purchase for the buyer an a good sell for the seller (owner), if its necessary negotiating its comission to be able to make a closing on favor of both parts the seller and buyer.

  2. Advertising: PREFER PANAMA offers you a simple advertising solution for your real estate or others listing you will like to advertise through our web page, you just have to create an account which automatically gives you the power to advertise by your own one free listing on the OTHER LISTING for free (Furniture, Cars, Art, Jewelry or Services).  Check our rates for advertising more than one real estate listings.

  3. Legal Advise: PREFER PANAMA is allied with recognized law firms on the Republic of Panama that will be glad to give you advise and service on any legal matters regarding for example creation of companies or foundations, inmigration, visas, property adquisition and others. 

  4. Property Management: PREFER PANAMA values your time that is the reason PREFER PANAMA offers you personalized packages for managing your property for long, short terms leasing.  PREFER PANAMA takes care of the leasing for you, finding you a customer to lease your  property, taking care of the property with a qualified hardworking team of electrician, plumbers, arquitects and others. And also giving you clear accounts for your property or each of your properties.

    We have established working relationships with many of the top realtors in Panama so are able to provide maximum exposure of your property. We also work with the embassies and a number of top relocation companies.

    The PREFER PANAMA management team and our longstanding network seamlessly provide all of your management needs.

    PREFER PANAMA provides full service property management with programs for executive short and long term rentals, vacation rentals as well as standard long-term rentals. By providing a full range of management choices we are able to maximize your returns and suit your style of investment. Location and type of apartment you invest in will affect which program best suits your needs.

    Full service short-term rentals provide the optimum net returns in the primary down town banking area of Panama City. The highest end apartments are located in this desirable area of the city. The best yields in the short-term market are from one and two bedroom apartments. For clients staying extended periods these apartments can seamlessly be rolled into the long-term full service program. With apartments that serve both of these markets we maximize your return with minimal vacancy.

    For apartments that are larger or out of the prime short-term area we recommend the long-term rental program. The location and desirability of each particular apartment affects the overall return.

    PREFER PANAMA  has bill pay service, monthly cleaning services, linen service, a full service furnishing program, and can over see accomplishing everything from minor repairs to major remodeling. This opens the market of older buildings and apartments to international investors to go from an older fixer upper to a freshly remodeled and fully furnished prime rental apartment. These services make the ownership of your international real estate investments trouble free. PREFER PANAMA will provide you with resources and all the elements for successful rental property management.

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